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Legal Fees VAT Total
IHT 205 £750.00 £150.00 £900.00
IHT 205 including IHT 217 £1,000.00 £200.00 £1,200.00
IHT 400 £1,500.00 £300.00 £1,800.00



To include but not limited to:

  • Obtaining valuations of all assets and liabilities passing by the will or intestacy and assets or gifts included for Inheritance Tax purposes
  • Obtaining information to finalise the income tax position to date of death
  • Completing the relevant forms IHT205/IHT400
  • Completion of Oath for Executors
  • Completion of Section 27 notices to creditors (if required)
  • Register the Grant of Probate with each of the asset holding institutions
  • Collect in the cash of the estate and transfer assets as instructed
  • Complete income tax return for the administration period
  • Complete estate accounts
  • Obtain approval to estate accounts from Executors
  • Complete bankruptcy searches against beneficiaries

We charge on a time-spent basis for this type of work. The exact costs for this service depend on the individual circumstances in the matter. An average estate with a property to be sold can usually be administered in between 20 and 30 hours. As an estimate guide, this could equate to between £5,000 and £7,000 plus VAT and disbursements depending on the fee earner.

The usual disbursements incurred include:

  • Probate application fee £155
  • Each additional copy Grant £1 (per copy)
  • £7 Swearing of the Oath fee (per executor)
  • Bankruptcy searches £2 (per beneficiary)