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Equality & Diversity Policy

BM Law (hereafter referred to as “the firm”), is committed to the principles of equality and diversity and promoting those principles in our practices, policies, and procedures, as well as in those areas in which it has influence.

The Policy

The firm is committed to a policy of non-discrimination, non-victimisation and non-harassment in all its professional dealings with employees, partners, barristers, other lawyers, clients and third parties.

The firm intends to treat everyone equally and with the same attention, courtesy and respect, regardless of:

  • Sex (including marital status, gender (including gender reassignment), pregnancy, maternity, paternity and caring responsibility);
  • Sexual orientation (including civil partnership status);
  • Race or racial group (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins);
  • Religion or beliefs;
  • Age; or
  • Disability.

All staff receive training on our equality and diversity policies and all staff are encouraged to actively promote our standards and values in this regard. Any allegations of discrimination on any of those grounds will be treated seriously, and dealt with confidentially and speedily.

The firm is committed to complying with Principle 9 of the SRA Handbook 2011 which requires that we run the business in a way that encourages equality of opportunity and respect for diversity. Principle 9 of the SRA Handbook 2011 also encourages us to achieve the mandatory outcomes in Chapter 2 of the Code of Conduct (please see link:

We consistently work to ensure that we are compliant with all current and future anti-discrimination legislation and associated codes of practice.

Akeela Majeed as COLP and Equality & Diversity Officer is responsible for the operation of This policy will be monitored periodically to assess its effectiveness and the firm will implement any changes that may be required.